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La-Sal's Tamino
La-Sal's Tamino
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Ambra of Blue Yoda
Ambra of Blue Yoda


Ambra of Blue Yoda
Beschreibung: Bild für Stammbaum
Datum: 05.12.2012 21:43
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Dateigröße: 89.1 KB
Hinzugefügt von: Johanna.S

Modell: NIKON D3100
Belichtungszeit: 1/60 sec(s)
Blende: F/5.3
ISO-Zahl: 450
Aufnahmedatum: 19.03.2012 18:04:59
Brennweite: 75mm

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Registriert seit: 15.05.2017
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Self-winding mechanical watches

Self-winding mechanical watches are also known as These watches require a watch winder in order for it to run appropriately. Automatic have to be worn consistently since they rely on the mechanical weight located inside the By wearing the watch, the weight sways back and forth, making it wind itself. When the watch is not sported regularly or is just worn sporadically, the said mechanism will not wind, resulting to the watch failing to run. Almost all automatically winding are capable of being winded manually although most users find this option very inconvenient. A winder, a device which can hold one or multiple watches while rotating them in simulating human motion, was created so that automatic winding function properly when it is not worn.
15.05.2017 11:43 Offline yanzhongr5

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